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What a Bad Surprise.

Yes. What a bad surprise the first customers of the VIVÓ oven had, on the morning of the last Monday in July, when they discovered that the establishment was closed due to a case of covid-19.

The news did not take long to spread throughout the town, followed of course by the typical gossip on social networks.

The truth is that the only employee who showed signs of the disease is well and that all the other workers have tested negative for the PCR tests performed on each of them, at the beginning and end of the quarantine by the services of health.

Also highlight the professionalism of the entire workforce, since it is obvious that compliance with all health and safety measures against exposure to SARS-CoV-2 in the VIVÓ oven has prevented the spread of the virus.

After this episode, in addition to its very good gastronomic fame, the VIVÓ oven will now enjoy the reputation of being one of the safest establishments in the area.

Few are the establishments capable of containing the virus.