The Guardians of ANIMA

Effort and Collaboration

What a pity that with everything we have suffered in recent weeks because of the coronavirus, it is trash images on the streets of Mareny of barraquetes that illustrate social networks these first days of summer.

We would have preferred to see images of happy people enjoying life on the beach, in bars again, but it is not like that …

The ANIMA does not intend to resolve whether the egg (the numerous garbage) or the chicken (the lack of containers) was the source of the dilemma first, because it matters little today.

What matters is to respect and protect this place, declared:

– Parc Natural (1986)
– Wetland of International Importance (1989)
– Special Protection Area for Birds (ZEPA in 1990)
– Site of Community Importance (LIC since 2001)
– Micro-reserve of Flora and Fauna Reserve in many parts of the Albufera area.

Let’s not forget the great privilege of being here (even if it’s only for a few days in summer), and surely a little effort and collaboration on the part of everyone will be the solution.